Baker's will double the "Face Value" on any Manufacturer's "Cents Off" up to 50 cents for the specific brand and sized named on the coupon. Offer is limited to Manufacturer's Coupons of 50 cents or less, not including Beer, Wine, Cigarettes and all Tobacco products, Baker's own store coupons, "Free" coupons, or coupons from othe retailers.

  1. Coupons cannot be doubled if they exceed the value of the item.
  2. Limit one coupon per item purchased
  3. Additional coupons for identical items will be redeemed at face value.
  4. Instant coupons that adhere directly to the product will be not doubled.
  5. Coupons for "Free" product cannot be doubled.

Similar items cannot be split into separate orders for the purpose of doubling.  Our Double Coupon policy applies per customer. Not per transaction.