Kingsford® Original Charcoal Briquettes with Applewood, BBQ Charcoal for Grilling - 8 Pounds

Mild and distinct, Kingsford® Original Charcoal Briquettes with Applewood enhance the flavor of any food. Made with 100% natural ingredients and a touch of Applewood, this grilling charcoal gives you the best in authentic BBQ smoke flavor. The infused charcoal briquettes give a unique flavor to each bite and will bring joy to your taste buds. The Applewood flavor pairs best with chicken, pork and fish, but can be used for all your grilling occasions. On the back of the pack, you'll find an easy recipe for brown sugar applewood ribs that perfectly complements the applewood flavor. The Sure Fire Grooves have edges for quick, easy lighting. Light a match to the coals and be ready to cook on the grill in about about 15 minutes, ready faster than other brands*. Easy to use, just add them to the grill and the smoke does the work. Light up your tailgate party or backyard bbq with Kingsford® Applewood Charcoal Briquettes. *Compared to nationally available conventional charcoal in the U.S.A.