Purex Concentrated Detergent, Dirt Lift Action, Mountain Breeze, Big Size

150 loads (vs. previous 1.5 oz dose formula) (Medium loads). New more loads (vs. previous 1.5 oz dose formula). Bright clean. Smart value. Dirt lift action. For all machines including HE. Safe for colors. Purex.com. how2recycle.com SmartLabel app enabled. See Purex.com for ingredients list. Questions? 1-800-457-8739 or Purex.com. Also try Purex dirt lift action plus clorox 2. Stain fighting enzymes. Together a Better Clean (vs. regular Purex detergent alone): Clorox Regular-Bleach. Purex plus Colorx2 Stain Fighting Enzymes Detergent. Clorox2 Stain Remover & Color Booster. Assembled in USA of domestic and foreign ingredients.