Jell-O Play Snow Day Pudding Pop Mold Kit with Cookies n' Creme Instant Pudding Mix, 8.4 oz Box

JELL-O Play Snow Day Pudding Pop Kit is a fun playtime activity for families. A fun and tasty winter dessert, this 8.4 ounce pudding pop kit includes two 4.2 ounce boxes of instant cookies and cream pudding mix for that classic sweet flavor and creamy texture you know and love. JELL-O Play Snow Day Pudding Pop Kit is a great playtime activity for the whole family that will spark imagination and creativity. This individually packaged pudding snack includes a freezer mold so you can make 6 pudding pops at once. To make a quick and easy cookies and cream dessert, just whisk the instant pudding mix with milk, add the pudding to the pudding pop mold, freeze and enjoy with the whole family.