Cheez-It Snack Mix, Classic, 6 oz

Satisfy snack time cravings with a delicious handful of Cheez-It Snack Mix Classic. This snack mix features a tasty combination of baked snack crackers made with 100% real cheese, salty pretzels, mini toasted bread slices, and cheese flavored rice puffs that have been baked to crispy, crunchy perfection. This resealable bag of snack mix is perfect for snacking. Enjoy as a snack around the house, take it with you on a long commute, bring some in the car for a road trip, or stash it in your desk; You can spice up everyday, out-of-the-home activities like field trips, camping, hiking, trips to the park, picnics, outdoor concerts, errands, and more by bringing along our Classic snack mix. No matter where you enjoy it, you'll love the epically satisfying mix of flavors in every handful of Cheez-It Snack Mix Classic.