Kettle Brand Potato Chips, Less Fat Sea Salt Kettle Chips, 8 Oz

Kettle Brand Less Fat Sea Salt kettle chips starts with a search for undisputed potato excellence. Determined not to disrupt the flawless, spudsy goodness, these beauties are kettle cooked one small batch at a time. Try the classic perfection of Kettle Brand Sea Salt potato chips, with 30% less fat than regular Kettle Brand Sea Salt. The same three ingredients as our original chips – potatoes, oil, and salt – come together again for an unforgettable crunch with just the right amount of salty goodness. Kettle Brand Less Fat Sea Salt potato chips are ready to stand out at your next get-together with the same delicious taste as the OG. When you open a bag of Kettle Brand potato chips, you know you're getting incredible-tasting chips made with authentic recipes by real people who take real care. This large 8-ounce bag of chips is perfect for sharing at parties, picnics, or just snacking on the couch. Kettle Brand potato chips. Extra in a good way.