PLANTERS Cocoa Peanuts

Planters Cocoa Peanuts provide the ideal combination of sweet and salty flavors, as peanuts are coated with cocoa powder and sprinkled with sea salt. These decadent roast peanuts satisfy your sweet tooth, while providing that nutty crunch you crave. Sprinkle these delectable cocoa flavored peanuts over your favorite ice cream, mix them into a cake, or just eat them by the handful along with a mug of hot chocolate. Serve Planters Cocoa Peanuts at your next holiday get-together as a festive addition to the snack menu. Since these roasted nuts are cholesterol and trans-fat free, you can indulge in a tasty treat without the guilt. Packed in a resealable 6 ounce canister to ensure freshness and prevent spills, these roasted nuts are a great snack for those keeping Kosher.