Reese Shk Brk Egg

Give it a good rattle, then simply break it open and savor that perfect blend of crunchy peanut butter candies and creamy milk chocolate. Entertain and delight your nearest and dearest this season with REESE'S PIECES Shake and Break eggs candies. The milk chocolate egg filled with REESE'S PIECES candy will take Easter candy dishes, baskets, egg hunts and holiday gatherings to the next level as people break their treat open for the crunchy peanut butter candy pieces inside. This classic milk chocolate is great on its own and even better with REESE'S PIECES peanut butter candies inside. Don't make friends and family choose between creamy smooth and crunchy sweet — give them both this Easter. You can also plan a sweet Easter egg hunt with ready-made, certified kosher milk chocolate egg treats wrapped in bright colored foil for lasting freshness and festivity. Hide these eggs for a fun time or include some in your snack drawer, pantry, lunch box and office candy bowl. When it's time to mix it up, place a whole or broken REESE'S PIECES Shake and Break milk chocolate egg filled with REESE'S PIECES candy on top of your best Easter baked goods.